Price your home to sell, not to sit.

Your first offer is generally your best offer.

Your home is now a product.

Homes in top condition get top dollar.

When you receive an offer, do your level best to work with it.

Buyers buy what they see, they don’t buy possibility.

Don’t offer allowances – you are better off to do the improvements.

Buyers don’t have the time, talent or money to make the improvements.

Job creation and the rise in home prices go hand in hand.

The appraiser needs to approve the price you and your buyer have agreed to before the sale moves forward.

Feedback is important. It might hurt, but we need to hear it.

Selling your home is a “hurry up and wait” kind of experience.

You are not alone, all sellers are going through the same home selling experience.

If you and the buyer are “X” apart, you have to look at it like this; “We are buying our home back for “X” amount.

If the buyer wants your appliances, leave them. They are expensive to move and cheap to replace.

Work with a top Agent who specializes in listing and marketing homes.