The first impression is the only impression.

Clean, Clean, Clean — keep your home Q-tip clean and odor free.

Go from your home to a model home.

Always be ready to show.

Paint is cheap.

Conceal the critters.

Light it up – turn all lights on for showings, both inside and outside

Simplify and Organize – Start packing and remove any clutter.

Depersonalize. Give the buyer space to visualize themselves living there.

Keep your thermostat set to a comfortable level.

Simplify and Organize.

Let the fresh air in.

A good rule of thumb is to remove 50% of what you see.

If you wouldn’t show your towels, rugs and bed linens to your visiting mother-in-law, ditch them and start fresh.

First impressions matter – take a fresh look at the following: front door rugs, exterior lights, exterior door hardware, bathroom fixtures, carpeting, tile grout, clean windows, clean light fixtures…..