House Hunting Guide

Ads in newspapers or Magazines

If you see an advertisement for a home that interests you, call me and I will get the particulars for you right away. If you call the listing agent directly, tell them that you and I are working together and give them my name. If the home is in your price range, obtain the address from the listing agent and then call or email me for more information. Remember, the listing agent represents the seller, not you. It is best to ask only general questions and remain neutral. Using the phrase “I’ll have my agent call you” is a great response.

For Sale Signs

If you see a For Sale sign by another real estate company and you want to know the price of the property, call me with the property address and I will look up the information for you and gather the particulars of the home for you.

For Sale By Owner

It is best if I contact all For Sale by Owners on your behalf. For the most part, For Sale by Owners will cooperate with an agent who represents you. Mostly, they are trying to save a little money but usually welcome having an agent involved to handle paperwork and negotiations between parties. Remember, I work for you and the seller pays all selling commissions.

New Construction Homes and Open Houses

You may want to visit open houses held by other Realtors or in new construction developments. When you walk in the door, tell them you are working with me and give them name or business card. Ask if it is all right if you come through their open house – they will always let you come through the home. If you have further interest, please call me. If you are asked to sign in, please register by writing both our names down.


I will email you the newest listings that fit your requirements on a daily basis. It is important that you drive around the areas and neighborhoods you are considering. This will help you determine where you want to live. If you do not like the home from the outside, chances are you will not like the inside either. You can search for homes at the following sites — and The last site is updated every 15 minutes and is the most accurate.